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Training Blog

Th 4.2.15

Th 4.2.15

Don’t you hate that feeling when you know you can pick up the bar, but you don’t want to because it will be uncomfortable? Even worse, have you looked back at a workout & become upset knowing that you could have gone harder? Workouts are filled with...
W 4.1.15

W 4.1.15

Each year in the Open, there is a workout with muscle-ups. Each year there are athletes who immediately get stressed out because they still can’t do them. I was in that boat last year when 14.4 was announced. I made it to the muscle-ups and failed over &...
T 3.31.15

T 3.31.15

You guys did it! You survived the 2015 Open. Staying focused and consistent over the course of 5 weeks is something to take pride in. This does not mean that it is time to take a break however, if anything it means that you need to train harder! You have valuable...
M 3.30.15

M 3.30.15

Big congrats to everyone who completed the Tough Mudder this weekend. It’s more than your average mud run. Here are some reflections from Coach Alex. On Saturday there were 15 Next Level members who completed the Tough Mudder – a challenging 10.2 miles of...
F 3.27.15

F 3.27.15

Looks like we made it through the Open without having to suffer the wrath of burpees. That doesn’t mean that 15.5 is going to be easy. We’ve got a couplet of rowing and thrusters that will assuredly be harder than it looks. To add to the pain, you WILL...

Athlete Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight: Ethan Drew

First Name & Last Initial Ethan D Hometown Lake Forest Age 15 Occupation Highschool When did you first start CrossFitting? March 2014 When did you first start training at Next Level CF? March 2014 Favorite WOD or Movement? 20 rep back squat / Air Assault bike...

Athlete Spotlight: Katie Rucker

First Name & Last Initial: Katie R   Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA   Age: 36   Occupation: Owner & President, Operations of a Market Research/ Data Analytics Firm   When did you first start CrossFitting? February 2013   When did you first start training at...

Athlete Spotlight – Alex Kakutani

First Name & Last Initial Alex K   Hometown Takarazuka, Japan   Age 47   Occupation IT Manager   When did you first start CrossFitting? Nov 2011   When did you first start training at Next Level CF? Jan 2013   Favorite WOD or Movement? Running, Burpees, Pull Up,...

Athlete Spotlight – Greg Beran

First Name & Last Initial Gregory B Hometown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Age 52 Occupation Jeweler When did you first start CrossFitting? July 2013 When did you first start training at Next Level CF? July 2013 Favorite WOD or Movement? My favorite movement is TALKING...

Athlete Spotlight – Shelby McQuitty

First Name & Last Initial Shelby M. Hometown Trabuco Canyon Age 20 Occupation Hostess at Hanna’s Restaurant in RSM When did you first start CrossFitting? I technically began CrossFitting around the end of March on this year, but I was very inconsistent and...

Everyday is just a great day. The people at this gym are the nicest people I have ever met and everyone wants to see you succeed and improve. It is the most positive environment I have ever seen.


Just had my biometric screening test at work- cholesterol, BP, height, weight, waist measurements etc… My numbers have ALL improved; each and every one of them! Now they weren’t bad this time last year but seeing my internal health improve on paper is a pretty cool feeling! I’m super proud of myself for starting my transition from good to better on my own, and even prouder that I have continued to stick with eating right and exercising more consistently than ever with my NextLevel Crossfit fam. This place is so awesome and I am SO thankful to have found it! You guys are so motivating and rock my socks off on a daily basis!!


michelleround The energy, support and love from Next Level was so contagious that I’ve learned to be a better person from the inside out, which has reflected in every aspect of my life.


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